D7 Visa Portugal

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D7 Visa Portugal

The D7 Visa Portugal is open to entrepreneurs, investors, and self employed individuals who can demonstrate a annual income with sufficient funds to live in Portugal.

The values to be presented are as follows:

  • 100% of the current Minimum Wage in Portugal for the Visa Holder;
  • 50% of the current Minimum Wage in Portugal for adults family members to be regrouped;
  • 30% of the current Minimum Wage in Portugal for minors, to be regrouped.
  • Foreigners who can prove that they have the equivalent of the Portuguese minimum wage for a 12 month period can apply for the visa.

We recommend that you have a bank account in Portugal, which should have the equivalent of one year’s Portuguese minimum wage, i.e. in 2023, at least 9,120 Euros (12x 760 Euros) if you are alone.

If you want to come with other family members with you, you must follow the rule of the added values for each family member.

This means that pensioners and holders of income, such as intellectual property (such as musicians or inventors, for example), rental income from properties, interest from investments or profits and dividends from companies, can apply for an income holder visa.

Therefore, the visa covers various possibilities, provided that the required requirements are met, including the minimum income required.

It also requires a commitment to stay in Portugal for at least 183 days each year and recognizes the possibility of residency for retirees, pensioners and holders of own income.

The residence authorization can be cancelled when the holder, without justified reasons, is absent from the country for a period of 6 consecutive months or 8 intercalated months, in the total validity period of the authorization. However, there are some legal exceptions.

Benefits D7 Visa

Benefits of the D7 visa include visa free travel within the Schengen area, access to portuguese healthcare, work permit in Portugal, tax benefits and the potential for a portuguese citizenship after five years.

The Schengen Area is a group of 27 European countries that have agreed to allow visa free travel between them.

This means that a person who holds a valid visa for one of the Schengen countries can travel freely within the Schengen area without the need for additional visas.

The countries of the Schengen Area request visas for non EU nationals in order to protect their borders and to ensure that only those who are legally entitled to remain within the Schengen area are permitted to do so.

These visas are also designed to ensure that those who enter the Schengen area do not pose a threat to public order or security.

D7 Visa Portugal Requirements

The Portuguese government reserves the right to request other documents in addition to those mentioned below whenever it is appropriate, and the fact that the documents necessary for the process are presented does not imply automatic granting of the visa.

Normally the following documents are requested:

1. Visa application form signed by the applicant

2. 2 identical, up to date photographs in 3×4 size, in good condition for identification of the applicant

3. Valid passport for more than three months after the date planned for the return

4. Photocopy of the passport

5. Proof of regular situation if of another nationality other than the country where the visa is requested (National Registry of Foreigners – RNE) valid for 3 months after the planned date of return.

6. Valid travel insurance that allows to cover the necessary expenses for medical reasons, including urgent medical assistance and eventual repatriation in case of death.

7. Criminal record certificate issued by the competent authority of the applicant’s nationality country or the country where he/she has been living for more than one year (not applicable to minors under 16 years of age), with Apostille of The Hague.

8. Authorization for consulting the Portuguese criminal record by the Foreigners and Borders Service (not applicable to minors under 16 years of age)

9. Proof of subsistence and accommodation statement

10. Document proving Income Tax Declarations

11. Documents proving income from movable or immovable property or intellectual property or financial applications, such as interest, dividends or rents.

Portugal Residence Permit

It is important to know that obtaining the D7 visa takes place in two different phases. The first takes place in your country and the second already in Portugal.

In the first phase, in your country, you must submit the visa application and after approval, you will receive a visa affixed to your passport with a validity of 4 months from the date of issue. This is the period you have to leave your country and enter Portugal.

In the second phase, when you are already in Portugal, you must make the second step of the application, to become a resident in the country.

After acquiring the Portugal D7 Visa, upon arrival in the country it is necessary to request, from the SEF (Foreigners and Borders Service), an Authorization of Residence.

Aware that only with the correct visa you will be eligible to apply for a residence authorization in Portugal.

Normally this residence authorization has a validity of 2 years.

We highly suggest that you find a professional immigration firm when applying for a visa in Portugal.

These services will assess your situation and determine the most suitable type of visa, while making sure that your paperwork meets the standards of the Portuguese government.

Once everything is submitted, an interview is set up at the consulate to get the visa endorsed and after that, you must prepare the documents needed for the SEF interview to get a residence permit card and reunite with your family.

Working with a specialized company ensures that you receive quality support from the beginning of the application, including the assessment of the documents required, the visa application and the completion of the procedure with the residence permit card in Portugal.

Do You Want to Live in Portugal?

Schedule us a call to find out which Portugal Visa is most suitable for you.

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