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Commercial Law


Business law in Portugal is a branch of private law that can be understood as the set of disciplinary rules for the business activity of the entrepreneur and any natural or legal person in Portugal. Carolina Felix Advogados has a group of specialists in business law in Portugal at your disposal, including in import and export processes for commercial goods and for personal use, both for individuals and legal entities.

Fiscal Law


The area of Tax Law in Portugal develops its performance in terms of the different taxes in force in Portugal (IRS, IRC, VAT, excise taxes, taxes on assets, stamp tax and tax benefits) and, well, the law international tax law, in search of efficient and innovative tax solutions. Our tax law department provides recurring or specific tax advisory services to national companies or multinational groups and individuals. Legal consultation in general comprises the legal tax structuring of investment and divestment operations, national or international, in all sectors of activity, tax assistance for business reorganization operations, tax support for the issuance and trading of financial assets, tax advice real estate investments, tax monitoring of residence transfer processes.

Real Estate Law


Our area of real estate law in Portugal is dedicated in an integrated way to the areas of real estate, urbanism and tourism. We provide advice, in all aspects related to these areas, to investors and developers, national and international, namely investors, Family Offices, banks and insurance companies. In general, to all types of companies that, within the scope of their activity, need specialized advice on real estate law in Portugal.

Family Law


Family Law is the set of legal rules that regulate interpersonal relationships arising from some type of family bond. Some areas of action: consensual or litigious divorce (including between foreign citizens in Portugal and / or between Portuguese and foreign citizens), separation of assets and successions, regime of parental responsibilities, alteration of the marriage and property regime, transcription of the marriage that occurred abroad, preventive estate planning (for example, in view of the debts of either spouse), child custody, child adoption process; de facto union procedure, guardianship, custody, interdiction, filiation and paternity investigation.



With respect to immigration processes in Portugal, except for citizens of the European Union, in which there are only formalities regarding permanence in the country when it lasts for more than three months, the entry and legal stay of foreign citizens in Portugal and immigration in Portugal it is subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions. Legal residence in Portugal, that is, with the title of a residence permit, which can be granted, for example, for the exercise of a professional, research or investment activity, guarantees foreigners access to a set of rights, from the outset, access to education, health and courts, and the right to family reunification.

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International Focus

We bet on specialization. We bring together the professional and academic experience necessary to be essential partners in the life and business of our clients in Portugal.

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Legal advices, permanent or specific, to local companies, multinational groups and individuals, on issues related to Portuguese law with offices in Lisbon, Leiria and Brazil.

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Portugal is trending. In addition to being the fourth most peaceful country in the world, having one of the best qualities of life and an enviable climate, it is an excellent gateway to business in Europe. With a stable political and social environment, a highly skilled and English fluent labour force and an excellent quality of life, Portugal offers a favourable investment ecosystem and the possibility to apply for Portuguese nationality and, consequently, a EU passport.

Portugal will earn 56,000 millionaires in the next five years.


Portugal is world champion in quality of life for expats.


Portugal rises to the third most peaceful country in the world.


Profit distributions. How to make?


Non-habitual residence as a tax planning option


The crisis and house prices in Portugal after pandemy


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How to open a company in Portugal


Opening a company in Portugal has become even easier and faster. The process is simpler and the Portuguese government has sought to stimulate entrepreneurship, also encouraging foreign investors.The foreign entrepreneur visa in Portugal is the D2 visa, for more details on how it works it is important to consult a lawyer specialized in the subject. , it is possible to open a small company in Portugal without leaving your home, on the internet on the Empresa Online website of the Citizen Portal, as well as personally in the “Empresa na hora” posts around the country.

What documentation is required to open a company in Portugal?


Social security registration; Business Registration; declaration of beginning of activity; admissibility certificate; deposit of share capital; constitutive act of society; bank account in Portugal; start of activity with the NIB (bank number) - it is usually the accountant who does this.

How much does it cost to open a company in Portugal?


The cost of the act of opening a company in Portugal is 360 €, the amount includes the commercial registration and the process of incorporating the company. Payment must be made at the time of opening the company and includes the commercial registration and publications of the company's constitution. If the entrepreneur has properties linked to the company, the value may be higher. The cost of the company's share capital, the accountant, the monthly taxes and other monthly expenses of the company must also be taken into account (eg, room rental; electricity; water; internet; telephone; insurance; advertising / disclosure; bank interest / fees; salaries, etc.).

What are the taxes on Portuguese companies?


IRC (17% in the first € 15,000 profit and 21% after that amount); Tax (up to 1.5%) - municipal tax; VAT of 6%, 13% or 23% on billing (varies depending on the product or service); Single Social Rate - Tax on employees' salaries (23.5%).

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